Helping you tap into a €50 billion market



Introduction to this section.


A €50b Market (Summary)
A summary of our research report into the size of the Gay European Tourism Market


A €50b Market (Full Report)
The report in full.


Be good to be good to the gays
An overview of the importance of the Gay Tourism Market in Europe, and why it's as big as it is


WTTC on Gay Travel Marke
David Scowsill - President of the WTTC - on the LGBT Travel Market


Gay Asian Travel Market
The Gay Asia market is now valued at U$800b per year.



Introduction to this section


Welcome to GETA. Now what?
How to take those first steps towards attracting more gay customers


Our Top 5 Tips
5 very basics things to remember - to ensure your gay guests feel at home


Introduction to appealing to gay travellers
How are gay travelers different? And how can you shape your products and services to better meet their needs?



Introduction to this section


Marketing to gay people - an introduction
Why targeting the gay market is easier than you think - and how to get started.


Top 5 marketing tips
Out top 5 tips on marketing to gay travelers.


Organise a Press Trip
A journalist gives his advice on how best to organise a press trip.

GETA Guru represents a unique and powerful resource - helping you understand and access the huge gay European tourism market.


GETA’s mission is to promote gay tourism in Europe. A key element of this is helping our members to grow their businesses by learning more about the gay market and how to work effectively within it.


GETA Guru is the best way for travel-related businesses to understand gay tourism. The resources on offer through GETA Guru are organised into three main areas.



This section of the site covers research and articles about the size and nature of the gay European tourism market in Europe. Such information helps you establish the importance of targeting the gay tourism market.



This section covers ways in which to modify or add to your product offering so as to better meet the needs of gay travellers. Research will cover the needs and preferences of gay people in relation to travel. Articles will give useful tips and help on how to develop more gay-friendly products and services.



The marketing section of Gay Guru covers how to target and 'talk' to gay people. Apart from useful research and helpful articles, we also offer the Gay Media Directory - a powerful listing of the top gay magazines in the world.


New insights


Each month GETA Guru will focus on a different element of gay tourism combining research, articles, case studies and our forum to provide members with a comprehensive, interactive examination of a particular subject which will help your business to grow.

Over the years GETA Guru aims to build up a comprehensive library or advice, knowledge and tools, which will form an invaluable resource for members.


A research 'first'

Our first GETA Guru research report looks for the first time ever at the size of the European gay tourism market. It establishes clearly that the gay tourism market in Europe is huge, with gay travellers able to travel more often than their straight counterparts, and spend more when they do.


Upgrade for more access

All GETA members will have access to our 'Basic Materials' - which give a good overview of the gay tourism market. For those members who have upgraded to Executive Membership, you'll get access to our Advanced Materials. Not only are there many more articles and research reports within this section of our site, but they will be far more practical in nature, giving you more detailed information that you can use to tap into the huge gay tourism market in Europe. You can upgrade to Executive Membership from your Member's Home Page.


What would you like to know?

Get involved. Tell us what research you'd like to see GETA undertake. What would you like to know about gay tourists? What knowledge would you like other members to share? What statistics would you find useful?


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