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Is gay tourism an opportunity you can't miss?


A €50b Market (Summary)
A summary of our research report into the size of the Gay European Tourism Market


A €50b Market (Full Report)
The report in full.


Be good to be good to the gays
An overview of the importance of the Gay Tourism Market in Europe, and why it's as big as it is


WTTC on Gay Travel Marke
David Scowsill - President of the WTTC - on the LGBT Travel Market


Gay Asian Travel Market
The Gay Asia market is now valued at U$800b per year.


This section of GETA Guru concerns itelf with establish the size and importance of the gay tourism market in Europe. Travel-related businesses will be able to use the research and articles within this section to build a case for marketing to gay travellers within your organisation. Specifically, we'll be looking at:


  • The population of the gay tourist market
  • The total spend of gay travelers spend in Europe
  • How much gay Europeans spend on travel worldwide
  • How much more gay travellers spend than their heterosexual counterparts
  • How often gay travellers travel within Europe
  • How often gay travellers travel compared to their straight counterparts
  • Trends in spending by gay travellers
  • Where gay travellers are travelling to in Europe
  • Spending patterns of gay travellers - identifying opportunities for travel-related companies
  • Spending preferences of gay travellers - what types of travel products and services do they prefer and why
  • Case-studies of companies that have targetted the gay tourism market - the rewards and pitfalls
  • Advice from industry experts to companies looking to build a case for targeting the gay tourism market




Gay Star News

"Travel companies ignoring €50bn a year gay travel market, say experts"

- Gay Star News, November 2014


Coverage of the 'BrainFood' conference organised by PR agency Grayling and GETA - to discuss the opportunities presented by the €50bn gay travel market.


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What would you like to know?

Get involved. Tell us what research you'd like to see GETA undertake. What would you like to know about gay tourists? What knowledge would you like other members to share? What statistics would you find useful?


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