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Welcome to GETA, now what?

If you’re reading this article, the chances are that you are at least curious about the gay and lesbian travel market.  With gay people worldwide spending more than €135 billion each year just on tourism it’s a market you can’t afford to ignore.

Even better, you have joined and became an active GETA member with access to a series of educational and professional resources on how to promote your company and best serve this thriving market segment.

Better still, you value this market and want to further your understanding of the needs and nuances of the various niches that make up the gay & lesbian travel market.

Of course the basics are important. Extending a warm welcome based on professionalism and good practices. Well trained staff. Finding new and creative ways not just to fulfill guest expectations but to exceed them. But there is more you can do to show gay people that they are welcome at your hotel.

Hopefully by now you have taken advantage of our consumer marketing website, and will have added your property to the website, free of charge for the basic level. Your listing should be detailed and comprehensive, ensuring you showcase your property and the facilities offered.

So now what?

The time has arrived to further explore the opportunities offer by GETA membership and maximise the fact that you offer a 'gay welcome'.

There are a few quick wins to consider introducing without major costs. Here are some examples:


  • An example of the Gay Welcome logo, used discretely on the website of Cinq & Sept, a gay guesthouseLOGOS: Are you using Gay Welcome’s and GETA’s logo in your collaterals (marketing materials) such as leaflets, website and ads? Our GETA and Gay Welcome logos are discrete and both can be easily downloaded from your 'Member's Page' on the GETA website. They catch the eye of potential gay & lesbian guests, let them know that you welcome gay people, and may well persuade them to choose your hotel or business over others. The logos are available to download at the bottom of your Member’s Page, right after you log into your account.

  • ADVERTISING: Talking about ads and collaterals, are yours “too” hetero-friendly? You might consider including one or two pictures that feature either a single individual or two people of the same sex. This will be picked up positively by gay tourists and won’t be noticed by others. It is surprising how many gay-friendly business forget to show that all are welcome rather than assuming that this is understood.

  • TARGETED MARKETIING: Why not to create gay/lesbian-specific collaterals that can be more effectively used to promote your property? It can be just a simple postcard or a leaflet and could then be used to advertise in gay/lesbian publications.

  • SPREAD THE NEWS: When communicating with your local, regional or national tourism office and association, do you inform them that you are a gay-friendly property? Ask them if they have or know of any specific gay/lesbian marketing project, such as promoting the ,ocal gay pride festival, and join it. Do the same at your local chamber of commerce.

  • FACEBOOK: You could consider adding ‘gay friendly’ content to the Facebook page for your property. And liking the Facebook pages of both GETA and GayWelcome will show gay people you are gay friendly.

  • GET FEEDBACK: Talk to your gay friends and employees and ask them for suggestions on how to improve your services and facilities. They are a great source of information and ideas on your doorstep.

  • MAGAZINES: Do you stock gay magazines? If your property is in a major gay destination, chances are that there will be a free weekly magazine. Ask to be added to the free distribution list and place them amongst your other magazines. Gay guests will appreciate the thought.

  • GAY MIDDLEMEN: Send your collaterals to gay travel agencies and tour operators with an accompanying letter with your rates and commission structure and most importantly stating the fact that you are a gay-friendly hotel. GETA has a growing number of travel agents and tour operator members who you can find here (link).

  • TARGETED SUGGESTIONS: Do you have a local attractions page on your website? Why not add one or two local gay attractions too, such as the local gay beach or club. Or think about adding a specific page on your website to target gay guests. This could give information on the local gay attractions and night life, or simple highlight your credentials in offering a gay welcome. Check out how Wynn Las Vegas treats its gay guests.

  • READ: Take full advantage of the ever increasing library of articles and advice on the GETA website, as part of the GETA Guru’s program. More information can be found HERE >

GETA is here to help your business grow


The Gay European Tourism Association is here to help all businesses and organisations that are involved in gay tourism in Europe to prosper and grow. Remember, now you are a member of GETA you can come to us for ideas and advice. Please contact us at any time here >


What would you like to know?

Get involved. Tell us what research you'd like to see GETA undertake. What would you like to know about gay tourists? What knowledge would you like other members to share? What statistics would you find useful?


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