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How to make your offering irrisistable to gay travellers


Welcome to GETA. Now what?
How to take those first steps towards attracting more gay customers


Our Top 5 Tips
5 very basics things to remember - to ensure your gay guests feel at home


Introduction to appealing to gay travellers
How are gay travelers different? And how can you shape your products and services to better meet their needs?

This section of GETA Guru is devoted to helping you develop products and services that appeal to gay travellers. The research and articles within this section will help you better understand the needs and preferences of gay travellers in relation to their heterosexual counterparts, allowing you to adjust your current offering or develop new products that appeal powerfully to this valuable market. Specifically, we'll be looking at:


  • What are the needs of gay people when travelling?
  • What obstacles do gay travellers face when travelling?
  • How do the preferences of gay travellers differ to their straight counterparts?
  • How can you make gay travellers feel more welcome?
  • What are the sub-groups within the gay community, and how might each differ in terms of travel requirements and preferences?
  • Case studies of companies and organisations that have adjusted their current offering to appeal more to gay travellers
  • Case stuides of companies that have developed new products and services to tap into the gay tourism market
  • Advice from industry experts on how to apeal to gay travellers



What would you like to know?

Get involved. Tell us what research you'd like to see GETA undertake. What would you like to know about gay tourists? What knowledge would you like other members to share? What statistics would you find useful?


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