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How do you target gay tourists?



Introduction to this section


Marketing to gay people - an introduction
Why targeting the gay market is easier than you think - and how to get started.


Top 5 marketing tips
Out top 5 tips on marketing to gay travelers.


Organise a Press Trip
A journalist gives his advice on how best to organise a press trip.

The third section of GETA Guru concentrates on how to best reach this exciting market. We give useful insights and practical advice and tools to help you develop marketing campaigns that are cost-effective. Our Gay Media Directory is a unique resource that pulls together the top gay publications from all over the world, so that you can plan your media spend quickly and effectively. Specifically within this section, we'll be looking at:

  • Target groups within the gay community
  • The effective use of different types of media to reach the gay traveller
  • Developing convincing 'messages' for the gay tourism market
  • Developing powerful promotions for the gay tourism market
  • How to best use public relations to tap into the gay tourism market
  • Developing great customer loyalty amongst gay travellers
  • Using social networking to generate a loyal following amongst gay travellers
  • Case studies of companies and organisations that have successfully targeted the gay traveler
  • Advice from industry experts on marketing to the gay tourism market


What would you like to know?

Get involved. Tell us what research you'd like to see GETA undertake. What would you like to know about gay tourists? What knowledge would you like other members to share? What statistics would you find useful?


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