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The Gay European Tourism Association is here to help all businesses and organisations that are involved in gay tourism in Europe to prosper and grow.



We help you in two important ways:









Specifically through our
Gay Welcome website
aimed at gay travelers.


Putting you in touch
with other
gay and gay-friendly
tourism professionals.








Providing helpful information, advice and support on developing your business.


Producing research both from the industry and consumers.


Various directories and information pages give you quick access to informaiton that would take hours to hunt down on the web yourself.




Membership of GETA is free.


The only criteria for joining are that your business relates to travel and tourism and that you welcome gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual people. So why not join today - and get access to a wealth of information and a network of similarly-minded professionals.

1: Helping you acquire more customers

MARKETING: Helping you to reach gay travellers

Ride the Gay Welcome wave...


Gay WelcomeGETA is soon to launch the Gay Welcome website. It will be the most comprehensive consumer website for gay travellers in Europe, offering listings for over 3,000 hotels, guesthouses, B&Bs and holiday rentals across 35 European countries as well as a wide range of other travel services.


The site will also offer Europe's best gay 'Destination Guides' giving up-to-date information on Europe's hottest cities and holiday spots including access to up to date listings and local activities. Interactive features will engage with consumers, encouraging them to pass on recommendations, tips and comments to fellow gay travelers. All this means that Gay Welcome will become the one-stop shop for gay travelers in Europe.


Listing your hotel, guesthouse, B&B or holiday rental on Gay Welcome is completely free for GETA members. Upgrade your GETA membership to 'Priority' for a small fee, and your Gay Welcome property listing will also be automatically upgraded to 'Priority' - ensuring it generates even more enquiries and bookings.


And there will be a special section for other venues and services aimed at gay travelers.





NETWORK: Join the GETA Forum


GETA will also be launching Europe's first gay tourism industry forum. It will allow you to ask questions, which other GETA members can then answer. The Forum will also allow you to network with other GETA members - perhaps leading to joint marketing efforts, the sourcing of better supplies, or just the sharing of ideas.



2: Helping you improve your business

ADVICE: Articles that help you appeal to gay travellers


Industry-wide research will help you grow your businessOver time, the GETA website will offer its members access to a library of articles on all aspects of marketing and product delivery. Marketing will cover everything from P.R. to how to improve your website's Google Rankings. Other articles will help you develop your product and services to better meet the needs of gay travelers. These will all be written by other GETA members - all experts in their field, and all keen to share their knowledge with others in order to promote gay tourism.






RESEARCH: Finding out what gay travelers want


GETA is a resource for you to grow your business, whether big or small. We will be undertaking industry-wide research that is really useful to help guide your business development. It may be research into what gay travelers want, how to improve your marketing or tips from other gay and gay-friendly businesses.



Where’s the catch?


With membership of GETA and a listing on Gay Welcome being so accessible, there must be a catch? No. No catch. GETA's founders are just people involved in gay tourism who want to grow the industry and who have been frustrated by the lack of support for European gay Tourism. That’s why we founded GETA and Gay Welcome.
'Standard Membership' of GETA and Gay Welcome is free because we want to be inclusive and comprehensive. It is only if Gay Welcome offers the widest selection of accommodation and advice that we can ensure that gay travelers will return again and again and make it the most visited gay Tourism website for Europe. We make our money from advertising, membership upgrades and promotions.
GETA is a new organization with big ambitions for offering services to help our members. Our consumer website, Gay Welcome, has over 3,000 listings and will be widely publicised to gay travelers. Over time the library of research, helpful articles and the forum topics will build into a valuable archive of material to help you develop and grow your business.
So, you can afford to be a member of GETA but you can’t afford not to be.



Gay Media Directory >

GETA's Gay Magazine DirectoryReach gay audiences worldwide using our Gay Magazine Directory - every major gay magazine in the world listed in one convenient place, saving you hours of time and making planning your marketing much easier.


Visit the directory >

GETA Research:


European gay travel market worth €50b


Our exclusive research report is out - and estimates the value of the gay travel market in Europe at a massive €50 billion per year. Find out more about how it was compiled and what it means for you.

Find out more here >

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