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GETA is here to help

We'll help you tap into the multi-billion euro gay European travel market


The Gay European Tourism Association is here to help all businesses and organisations that are involved in gay tourism in Europe to prosper and grow. Members get access to a wealth of research, directories, articles and information - all designed to help you tap into the gay travel market.


We help you in two important ways:




Acquire more customers

Via marketing and networking that targets gay consumers more effectively



Improve your offering

Via advice, research and information to make it appeal more to gay consumers



Who can join GETA?


The only criteria for joining GETA are that your business relates to travel and tourism and that you welcome gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual people. So why not take 5 minutes to join today - membership is free so you have nothing to lose.


Carlos KytkaCarlos Kytka

Executive Director

GETA (Gay European Tourism Association)

Gay Welcome - from GETA

Europe's biggest gay travel website gives you access to gay travelers


Gay HotelsGETA has just launched the Gay Welcome website. With over 3,000 hotels, guesthouses, B&Bs and holiday houses and apartments across Europe, it's the most comprehensive gay travel site in Europe. It's also easier to use than other gay travel websites..


If you're the owner or manager of accommodation in Europe, then you can add your property to the Gay Welcome website for free.


To add your property:

  • Sign in (or register if you are not yet a GETA member)

  • In your Member's Page, click 'ADD A LISTING' under the 'MANAGE YOUR GAY WELCOME LISTINGS' panel.

Add your hotel, B&B, guesthouse or holiday property now - you've got nothing to lose!


Visit our gay travel website Gay Welcome.


Your key to unlocking the huge gay European tourism market


    Who are gay tourists? What are their needs and preferences? Find out what makes them tick.

  2. APPEAL >
    How do you develop products and services that will appeal to this high-spending market?

  3. REACH >
    How do you best reach gay tourists? What marketing techniques and messages work best?

GETA’s mission is to promote gay tourism in Europe. A key element of this is helping our members to grow their businesses by learning more about the gay market and how to work effectively within it.

GETA Guru is the best way for tourism businesses to understand gay tourism. GETA Guru tells you all about gay tourists, how to ensure that your product appeals to them and how to market to them.

Each month GETA Guru will focus on a different element of gay tourism combining research, articles, case studies and forums to provide a comprehensive, interactive examination of a particular subject which will help your business to grow.

Over the years GETA Guru will build into a comprehensive library which will be an invaluable resource for members.

Our first GETA Guru post looks for the first time ever at the size of the European gay tourism market. Future posts will examine issues such as what gay consumers expect and how to promote your business to gay people.

All GETA members will receive a synopsis of the latest GETA Guru posting. Executive members will have access to the full posting.

GETA Guru gives you the information and advice that you need to make your business a success.



GETA / FCO Travel Advice Campaign
Gay Media Directory
Gay Media Directory

New GETA Research:


European gay travel market worth €50b


Our exclusive research report is out - and estimates the value of the gay travel market in Europe at a massive €50 billion per year. Find out more about how it was compiled and what it means for you.

Find out more here >

Tell the world you've joined!

Add a GETA logo to your website

What better way to signal to your customers and partners that you support gay tourism in Europe than to add a GETA or Gay Welcome logo to your website or other marketing materials?


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Who can join GETA?

GETA is open to businesses and organisations that meet these two criteria:

  • Your activities relate to the European tourism industry
  • You agree to honour the GETA Pledge: You welcome gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual customers and agree to treat them with the same respect that you treat all your customers.


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Gay Media Directory >

GETA's Gay Magazine DirectoryReach gay audiences worldwide using our Gay Magazine Directory - every major gay magazine in the world listed in one convenient place, saving you hours of time and making planning your marketing much easier.


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